Ethical Beauty

What we use on our skin is important. Not just for our sensitive skin, but also to ensure we source our ingredients ethically. Solo Skin London's a firm believer in clean beauty. 

It all started with understanding what is sensitive skin? Can ingredients play a part in my dry sensitive skin? 

We aim to use suppliers who have Ethical Sourcing to differentiate our ingredients by sourcing highest quality and prioritising ethical stance. 

How do we do this?

We ensure our ethics are correct

- Working with partners who are affiliated or certified with organisations such as Wildlife Friendly, Union for Ethical Bio Trade, and Integral Trade.

- Transparent supply chain, we can track our products back from our warehouse to the farm where it was grown

- Technical documents to back up our quality, GC analysis for essential oils.

- Use suppliers who Build partnerships with growers and producers to help them grow and develop their business

- Always striving to improve our supply chain, not just on our raw materials but also our packaging, waste and efficiency.- Listening to our customers and taking their suggestions on new materials and ideas for new products to improve and expand our range.