Will picking my spots make it worse?

Stop Popping & picking your pimples.

It is as simple as that. I know it can be a little difficult at first, but in short, your going to damage your skin!

When you have an inflamed pimple, it is engorged with sebum, bacteria, dead skin and sometimes filled with pus. When you first notice the pimple in the mirror you are already telling yourself... It is ready to pop... We don't ever actually think about what is going on under our skin, it is already swollen and sore...

When you pop a pimple, what you are actually doing it pushing the pus, bacteria, sebum, dead skin into the hair follicle more. Which can cause further irritation and spilling all the dirt into the lower layers of the skin.

Picking spots can actually make the spot come back even angrier and bigger than before. Constant picking on the spot will not just damage below the skin and on the top. Enough picking will also make the spot become a blemish and end up with scarring.

Scarring of the spot can is called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. You will notice that after popping a pimple you will see post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

I have no doubt popped a pimple and have suffered with post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I did notice the pigmentation and the way I dealt with this was through a skincare regime.

Using the Green clay mask to deep cleanse the pores firstly to pull out all the bacteria, dead skin etc and then adding a couple of drops of the fragrance free night face oil to help fight the pigmentation, redness, smooth the skin out and give my skin the glow it requires.

Are you a pimple popper? Let me know if you notice a difference in your skin when you pop your spots...

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