What should I mix with my Clay Masks with?



Self Activating Clay Masks

How should you be mixing your clay masks?

A common question that if often asked with powdered masks. The standard masks you can find are ready to use they are easy however contain a strong preservative which is not accepted in the green beauty world.

Having a powdered clay mask means that you can customise your product to your needs. For example, you can add floral waters, normal water, some have even added vinegar!

The Self Activating Clay Masks are a great way to give yourself mini spa session at home. We recommend the following for full face treatment.

  1. Add a table spoon of clay mask

  2. Add a table spoon of water or preferred liquid

  3. For best results, add a couple of drops of our award winning Fragrance Free Night Face Oil

  4. Mix until you reach a thick paste

  5. The best way to tell if you have the right consistency is by adding some mixture to your brush and turning it upside down. The mixture should not fall.

  6. Apply on the face or areas of concern

  7. Do not allow to fully dry. Remove whilst half wet and half dry

  8. Remove using luke warm water.

If you are only using for an oily T-zone area, use half the amount.

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