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This weeks blog is from our Brand Ambassador Moontaha, I followed Moontaha when she was only on around 300+ followers and I LOVED watching her! She often talks about mental health on her page and that is what drew me to her even more!!

Read below to find out more about her!

My name is Moontaha and I am 28 years old and a stay at home mum. I love blogging and has made me super confident too.

What is soloskin?
To me soloskin screams skin only.
What is skincare?
To me skincare is looking after your skin which I believe is also one of the biggest organs of your body!

So how is skincare related to me? Well skincare for me has been a long and emotional journey for me, from a small fragile age I had developed vitiligo, by the time I was old enough to understand all I would see is my parents concern about my skin and their attempts to cure my skin condition. Unfortunately, I've known for a very long time that there is no cure for Vitiligo. My skincare journey is a long and tough one trying many different treatment methods varying from light therapy to homeopathic medicines. I even tried homeopathic ones must have been the worst ones, disgusting to drink . Also when treatments did not work and have side effects I'd end up finding myself with burnt and sagging skin. It is a journey of trying to fix my skin and also a mental journey of trying to absorb it all with my mental health, I wasn't to know that this vitiligo is making me very wary and abnormal, and someone who stands out in the crowd. Many times I've felt like the cow in the room.

So from a young age I've known my skin is probably going to be sensitive as I don't have melanocytes on my skin hence the white patches. I used to stick to a very basic routine at first which was a cleanser and moisturizer and that used to do the trick, bare in mind some days only moisturiser 🤦‍♀️ anyways I hear you all curling up but we all gotta start somewhere, beknown to this skincare world I decided to add a few bits to my routine again I started off very basic and learnt a tiny bit more and worked my way up! By the time I had purchased the Soloskin London night oil it had been well into her launch and I'd been putting it off, one day I caved in because Naz is always so supportive towards me on my Instagram page. I bought to give back and see what the oil was about. I waited to see if she would launch a smaller size but to no avail, only for her to announce a week later about the sample size bottles (yes naz) it was that close together (eyes rolling hahahahah) joke, wouldn't bat an eyelid near you alone roll it towards you .

I tend to get a lot of dry skin and the product was claiming it's good for dry skin, once I started using the oil, I instantly started noticing a difference overnight, my skin really soft after first use! I continued using it and then I was getting even more compliments on how my skin was always glowing, and that did it for me. Having vitiligo I prefer to not put too much make up on as it can be very thick to cover up the white patches, so I always wanted something that would brighten my face without all the makeup shebang. During the month of Ramadan I noticed how my skin was always hydrated regardless of the amount of times in the day I am doing wudhu (ablution). It was amazing, for a busy mum it's really hard to top up on moisturizer 5 times a day. So the oil was giving my skin enough hydration for it to last throughout the day. That was another winner and that's how our love story began. I then grabbed my chance at being brand ambassador with Solo Skin London and I am still proudly apart of the team.

Well in terms of products, what have I not used???? Hahah, I'm just obsessed with the brand so I buy everything regardless if it suits my skin or not, just to add to my collection! I have loved everything, the favourite being the night oil then the pink self activating clay mask and then the green clay mask as the green one is more for oily skin types, but I did use it on my nose and my husbands face, as he has oily skin and it helped and refreshed and instantly deep cleansed his face. He loves a pamper session if I'm the one doing everything LOL.

I would most certainly recommend these products, as everyone that I have recommended to have loved it and rave about it. Yes Solo Skin London has its own topic in the group chat between me and my friends . I'm sure you are aware she has a sample size if your still unsure about making that purchase.. go on, you know you want to.

Thank you Moontaha for sharing your journey with everyone. It is very nice for you to be so open about your vitiligo. I really can see your confidence from your stories and your youtube video and totally love watching you!

You can follow Moontaha on instagram : @moontish_mish_mash
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