The importance of using the right cleanser

No doubt cleansing is one of the most important steps in your skincare routine ALL year around!

Mostly because it's super important of finding the balance between lifting EVERY last bit of make up whilst ensuring that your skin is not robbed of its natural oils.


If not careful, over cleansings can leave your skin feeling rough and like sandpaper. That is not what we want! This could lead to inflammation and drying your skin out completely and compromising your skin barrier.


Firstly, any cleanser that robs you of your natural oils could be disrupting your skin barrier. A squeaky clean feel is NOT what makes a cleanser 'good'.


Oil cleansers which contain the RIGHT ingredients can actually hydrate and sooth the skin. It can be daunting to think you are going to add an oil to your face at first, but the right ingredients will benefit your skin.


What ingredients to look out for when choosing a Oil cleanser.


Sunflower oil

It is highly effective when needing to hydrate the skin. When used regularly, sunflower oil can help reduce, sooth inflamed and irritated skin. It is also high in essential fatty acids which will provide a protective layer. I go into more details about the protective layer (Skin Barrier) here.


One other benefit of sunflower oil is to prevent premature aging. The high content of vitamin E in sunflower oil will not only protect the skin from sun damage but also anti-aging. Moreover, the routine use of sunflower oil can reduce wrinkles and make skin look younger. Antioxidants are high in sunflower oil also keep skin fresh and look younger.



Evening primrose Oil

Evening primrose oil makes the skin soft, supplies it with essential nutrients and healthy fats, making your skin look youthful and plumped. Healthy fats are essential for healthy-looking skin. Read more about why Omega oils are needed in your skincare routine here.

Primrose oil is also known for it's anti-inflammatory benefits including the ability to reduce swelling, redness, itching, and rashes.


Prickly Pear seed oil

Prickly pear oil is well known as the miracle plant due to its history of medicinal uses. It is high in protein, essential fatty acids and vitamins E, this oil transforms the skin by refining and tightening pores, reduces redness and inflammation. It deeply moisturises due to its high linoleic content and is fast absorbing meaning you won't be forever feeling like you have a film of grease on your face! It is non comedogenic which means it will not clog your pores and break you out!


Add the oil to milk cleanser to get the perfect cleansing routine to make you look youthful, hydrated and easily remove the day away!


Oil to Milk Cleanser

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