Oily skin

When you have that extra shine, especially in the summer. I had a very oily T zone area, even in the winter months my nose was so oily I could probably fry an egg on it...

Being a formulator has its perks. I understood that my sebaceous glands were over producing sebum and I needed to regulate this. Some of the other symptoms I had was very large pores on my nose. I wish I could of taken a photo to show you how big they were! When i wore make up you would be able to see my pores on my nose through my foundation. I looked like an orange peel where you can see all those dots!

So I had an oily and large pores on my nose. Whenever I did break out, it always seemed to be on my nose. Which was annoying.

So how can you prevent this from happening? I have the answer.

Clay masks. It is so important to understand the properties of a clay mask and to use this clay mask in the correct area. Clay mask range from fast absorption to slow. If you have oily skin, then you would need a clay that is fast absorbing where it pulls out all the dirt from the pores, reduce the appearance of those visible pores and removes dead skin from the surface.

We recommend that you use masks at least once or twice a week to help with those over producing glands re-balance their oil production!

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