I am scared, Will it irritate my skin?

A question that is asked more often than you think. You may be feeling this all the time, believe it or not Naz, (The founder of Solo Skin London) also felt this at one point.

Do you feel so scared to try something new because your skin is so sensitive literally everything you try breaks you out or causes redness, flares, dryness etc. (That list can go on...)

The answer to the question is we won't know until you try. What we can say is that so far, we have had amazing results for those who suffer with sensitive skin. We have had feedback from our customers who also suffer sensitive and problematic skin that the products did NOT irritate their skin. We also have won an European Award in 2020 after 6 months of launching!

Try not to worry too much and don't stress yourself, that's why Solo Skin London is here.

The whole idea is that Naz does all the hard work behind the scenes to find the finest ingredients that will help sooth your skin without irritating it. So all you have to do is take a look at our transformations highlights (You can find this on Instagram) and take a look at our reviews! Then if you are still unsure, why not try our sample sizes?

Either way, we are here to make sure we take care of all the stresses and help you find confidence again through natural skincare.

Why our products are gentle, I guess a lot of people will say, well HOW are your products suitable for sensitive/problematic skin?

I, as a formulator looks into every single ingredient before putting a formulation together. look at the purpose of the product, for example to hydrate dry skin. I look at ingredients that will help combat this. I then also looks for research on that specific ingredient, looking at the case study and analysing. After all research is complete, I put the formulation into practice and tests the products on herself and others.

Still not sure? Why not take a look at our reviews and even our behind the scenes on Instagram!

Till next time!

Naz x

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