How should I store my Skincare Products?

There is a misconception that some people believe that they should store their skincare products in the bathroom cabinet as it is easy to reach for.

Did you know each product is tested in a certain way to determine how long the product should last for in certain conditions? For example, shelf life is determined in certain temperatures and certain environments. Some are ok to be stored in the bathroom and some require consumers to store in a cool dark place.


You can find the storage information on skincare labels or on the boxes. Follow these guidelines to get the best out of your product.


After passing my certificate in natural preservation, I really wanted to test out formulations which had a preservation system in place but I challenged the environment it was in.

I decided that the formulation that I created was an anhydrous product however there was a risk of fingers being introduced by the customer.


I 'acted' as a customer would and I added my fingers into the tub of gel cleanser which I should not of been doing as the Instructions would be to use a scoop and then I left the product in humid bathroom. I took a swab and added the product into a dip slide test and left it to sit and to see how it would react to my fingers. Here is the results:


After 3 months of the test, I noticed some growth on the dip and slide test.


Shocking... I know


Now we think we may have clean hands, but this is what happens when you leave the product in the bathroom and introduce bacteria into products.


What can happen if we do not follow the instructions?

It can be life threatening,

Cause a skin reaction,

Sensitise your skin

It look horrific what was growing, the last thing you want to do is add those nasties onto your face!

I really do hope you have enjoyed this week's blog, slightly different to normal! Please do remember to follow your products storage and instructions!

Till next time!

Naz x

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