5 side effects on taking Acne medication


Taking acne medication such as Accutane or Isotretinoin? A common question is, if customers can use the facial oil if they are on medication.

Let's look at some of the side affects of Accutane first.

- Dry Skin

- Itching

- Rash

- Cracks in the corner of the mouths

- Dry lips

The list can go on but lets focus on these are these are more to do with our skin.

When I formulated the Night Face Oil, I kept in mind those who suffer with acne prone skin and for those who are especially on acne medication. I noticed that a lot of people where suffering and could not find a product that would help with managing the side affects of being on acne medication.

When choosing and researching the ingredients I wanted to ensure that EVERY single ingredient had a purpose to fulfill.

For example, Olive Squalane main purpose is to deeply hydrate the skin. This ingredient is a luxury, yet it is known for it's healing properties.

Another Ingredient for example is, Meadowfoam seed oil, this ingredient is fantastic for calming inflammation down, so if you develop a rash whilst on medication, this no doubt will calm the redness.

In short, the answer to the question is, Yes. You can for sure use the Night face oil whilst on medication.

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