5 Benefits of a Body Polish

Using a body polish in your skincare routine for body is a good way to unwind and relax. It deeply moisturises your body, leaves you with smoother, softer and more radiant skin. Pampering your skin can make you feel good about yourself on a budget. No need to spend £100's to get glowing skin!


Promotes cell regeneration

Exfoliating your skin from head to toe not only removes dead cells and skin, debris, oil, and dirt but also stimulates the growth of new skin cells. Having dull skin can often mean you have clogged pores and the build up of dead cells giving a dry and unattractive look. During your treatment, a gentle scrub containing ingredients such as sugar grounds, or oatmeal will be used to buff away the build-up, revealing a new layer of glowing and healthy skin. Regularly indulging in this treatment will aid the growth of new cells, giving your skin lasting smoothness, radiance, and firmness.


Reduces Pigmentation

If you’re looking to get rid of pigmentation, unsightly blemishes, dark spots or tan lines, then our body polish would be ideal. exfoliation will remove an entire layer or dead skin which will make the skin look brighter and glowing.


Rejuvenates Skin

When the stress of living in a hectic and polluted world affects your skin by making it dull, lifeless, and damaged, it is time for a rejuvenating body polishing session. Gently scrubbing and massaging your skin with an abrasive agent such as body polish which uses coconut sugar, is an invigorating experience. Once your skin is clear of dead cells and debris, it will take on a natural glow that will speak volumes about your wellness.


Hydrates the skin

Once your skin has been exfoliated, the open pores need to be closed to avoid the build up of dirt and other debris. Hydrating agents such as our Nourishing body oil can be used to moisturise your skin. The oil will be massaged into your skin, and as your pores are open, they will penetrate deeper to give you softer and suppler skin for hours together.


Stimulates Blood flow

Both exfoliating and massaging stimulate blood flow, which in turn will help you relax and revive your skin tone. Circulation leads to a pinker and healthier complexion and silkier skin texture. Body polishing also improves lymphatic circulation to aid in the removal of toxins and other waste material. The results of a treatment will be visible almost immediately, as you will be left with a youthful and fresh glow all over once the dead skin has been removed.


Why not check out our body polish here? It is super gentle using coconut sugar which melts away after the scrub. It feel luxurious and hydrates the skin deep into the skin layers.

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