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Updated: Mar 28

Ramadan is the holiest month in the Islamic calendar. Fasting is prescribed in this month, fasting starts at sunrise and ends sunset. It is a month in which the holy Quran was revealed and good practice to read the Quran and be spiritually connected with religion. With keeping up with all prayers sometimes can dry our skin out especially whilst fasting as we are performing ablution. We lose moisture and lack hydration. Now is the time to load up your hydration.

It is pretty simple, lets take a look at a raisin and a grape. Its the same fruit, except different skin.

A raisin is dehydrated, there is no moisture at all in the skin, so you can see fine lines and wrinkles and its appearance is not appealing.

Now the grape, the EXACT same fruit is fully hydrated, the skin is plump, round and looks smooth, no wrinkles or fine lines.

Use this example to your skin, it works exactly the same way. It can be tough especially fasting and with such a short window to eat in its a challenge to drink as much water as you can before sunrise.

Here are some tips to avoid your skin getting dehydrated and dull.

- Ensure when breaking fast drink at least 2 large cups of water before dinner.

- Whilst performing any prayers keep a bottle next to you so you are constantly drinking.

- Your skin is the first that will show signs of dehydration, so ensure you have a good skincare routine.

- Use hydrating oils that will give your skin the ultimate hydration it requires.

- Use ingredients that are naturally hydrating such as Squalane.

But these are all top tips on how to keep hydrating after the fast breaks. But what about whilst fasting?

One of the most effective ways of adding hydration into your skin in via a facial oil. Studies show that using oils can help the skin lock in moisture and can leave the skin feeling soft and plump.

So after ablution I would highly recommend adding an extra dose of the night face oil into the day time routine too. You will instantly feel hydrated after your prayers.

If you have used our oils in Ramadan please do share your tips!

All the best with your fasts!

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