I want an overnight transformation...

Updated: Mar 5

I want over night transformation, I want glowing skin, I want flawless skin, I want my scarring to disappear over night. I WANT WANT WANT…

It is totally normal to feel this, where you suffer so much with sensitive skin you just want a quick fix as soon as possible and for the products to work like yesterday!

Unfortunately having sensitive/problematic skin is not as straight forward as putting one product on your face and all is healed. As you probably have experienced it’s going to take one time.

Having sensitive/problematic skin means you are going to require dedication, patience and need to be consistent in ANY product you decide to use.

as a small brand, we are very transparent and like to tell you the truth with skincare. We can not promise over night success, infact I don’t think anyone can guarantee it! However what we can tell you is that you should notice a difference within 30 days (minimum) on seeing a transformation.

To get best results of any product, its important to follow the products instructions, be consistent and be patient. I know it can be frustrating and daunting experience, but as a top tip I recommend that you take a photo before using the product and then photo again in 4 weeks time, some customers even do every week! This is you get to track your progress!

Our customers so far have been using our products consistently and have shown great results! You can check out customers transformation over on Instagram highlights and see how they went from insecure to feeling confident again!

Till next time!


Founder & Formulator

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