How often should I be using Clay Masks?

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

Let's talk Cleopatra. Cleopatra used clay masks twice a week to help cleanse her skin. She used this to help her tighten her skin, reduce the size of her pores and give her a youthful look. The Egyptians where always known as the beauty enthusiast.

Any way, there are sooooo many different types of masks out there it can be difficult to opt for the right one!

Some of the things you have to consider is

  • Your age

  • Your Skin Type

  • The time of the year and weather.

When applying Masks I always recommend using masks 2/3 a week maximum, I always recommend that you DON'T let the mask to dry out completely. This mid phase has the best results as this stops your skin stripping all the natural oils.

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