Does sweating cause pimples?

Ok so it is super hot these last couple days and OH-MY-GOSH, my skin is on fire.

Are you that person who breaks out in hot weather? Ever wondered why?

Here's the real dirt, sweating does not actually cause the pimples. So why is it that all the sweating is causing you a breakout?

During warmer months your oil producing glands actually produce more natural oils. Add to that the fact that your sweat glands are working extra hard to keep you cool, and it's no wonder that summer can mean break-outs, acne, and greasy skin and adding all the make up and gunk you have collected on the way. There's good news, though! Combating summer acne and oily skin is as simple as adding a clay mask to your routine

Here are a few tips on how to handle your skincare in these crazy temperatures!

  1. Ditch the make up - No brainer, it is super hot outside and its really not a cool look when you wear sweaty make up!

  2. No Wiping - When you are hot we often use our sleeve or even top to wipe away the sweat, but the friction of the clothes will cause irritation and breakouts. Instead use a towel and pat your skin.

  3. Deep cleanse - whether you are wearing make up or not, in hot summer days not only will you be removing all the dirt and impurities from your pores but it will help you feel cool. There's good news, combating summer acne and oily skin is as simple as adding a clay mask to your routine. Our Self-activating Green clay mask has an amazing soothing affect on the skin, giving you a refreshed look.

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