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The offer:

1. All referrals must complete the form and sought permission to share this data. All referrals must be a new customer and not purchased from us previously. 

2. All referrals will be contacted by Solo Skin London to confirm subscription.

3. Once confirmation has been sent by referrals, only then the coupon will be released.

4. On confirmation the referrer will be contacted via email with coupon code.

5. This code can not be used along with any other coupon/sales.

6. Same contacts can not be referred twice. 

7. To receive a code from Solo Skin London, it can take up to 5 Days to receive once confirmation has been sent. You can email or Direct message on Instagram for a quick response.

8. This code can only be use one per referral, any duplicates without referral Solo Skin London has the right to cancel the order and refund the sale.

9. Any referrals will be added to marketing campaigns.


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