Frequently asked questions

What skin type is the night oil for?

The night oil is recommended for those who suffer with dry or combination skin

When should I use the night oil?

We recommend for the best results to use at night.

Can I wear this during the day?


I have sensitive skin, can I use this?

We formulate products especially for people who have sensitive skin and problematic skin, Naz herself has sensitive skin and swear by the fragrance free range! We always recommend carrying out a test patch first.

I have acne prone skin can I use this?

Yes, we have formulated to help with those who suffer from hormonal acne and to help clear acne scars. 

I have oily skin, can I use this oil?

A lot of people get this mistaken and try to stay away from oils because they have oily skin. In short, yes you can still use this as many people remove oils from their face which signals the skin to produce more oil. The night oils helps re-balance oil production!

Is the night oils greasy?

The oils used are fast absorbing which does not leave a greasy look or feel on the skin.

Can men use this product?

Of course!

Will this help fade scars?

Everyone is different, however 100% of our customers have noticed a reduction in their scars.

At what stage should i use this oil?

We recommend using this product last.

I have been on Roaccutane, can I still use the night oil?

Yes of course! We have had our customers tell us they suffer from dry skin as a side effect of the medication. Our oils are super hydrating and nourishing giving you the best looking glow in the morning!

Are the fragrances used natural and safe?

Yes, we use organic essential oils and we calculate according to the IFRA guidelines. Our products have also been safety assessed where our formula's are analysed to ensure they are safe.

Are the products tested on animals?


Is your packaging environmentally safe?

We make a conscious effort to minimise and offset our impact on the environment wherever possible. We use eco-friendly packaging, glass bottles and postage boxes can be 100% recycled and bubble wrap is biodegradable.


We are supporters of TerraCycle. We encourage our customers to use this options to recycle beauty items that are not normally recyclable. We are always open to ways of improving the way we care and would love to hear new ideas!