What Skin Type Do I have?

What skin type are you?

Ever felt clueless when you get asked this question?

There are a few types, Oily, Combination and dry skin. Once you are able to identify what skin type you are it will be easier for you to pick out skincare.

How to check your skin

Look in the mirror is of course an obvious one but wash your face, do not put anything on your face and wait for an hour. Touch your skin around the T-zone and around your face and see if your finger is oily. Alternatively, you can use blotting sheets, you can purchase these from Boots.

Oily Skin: Some of the symptoms of oily skin is you look shiny or greasy, you will notice larger pores which can often lead to blocked pores and spots.

Combination skin: Have an oily T-zone area, find that your nose and forehead is super shiny and greasy but the rest of your face is either normal or dry? Combination skin is what you have!

Dry Skin: Even after moisturising you feel as though you need to drench your skin with moisturiser!

If you are still unsure I would recommend booking yourself into a free consultation with Naz where you can run through skin type.

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