What are the causes of dark circles?


One of the post popular questions that are constantly asked, is how can I lighten my dark circles?



Dark circles are caused not just by lack of sleep, but in fact is is caused by poor diet, full blown exhaustion, stress and can be due to genetics too.

One of the most common factors of dark circles and pigmentation is due to environmental factors such as sun, sleep, smoking.


So lets look at our diet firstly, because we are what we eat and as a small brand I will be as transparent as I can, I will not over promise a life changing product when you need to know it is important to treat the inside as well as the outside. So, there are NO fast fixes to remove dark circles when it comes to diet, but maintaining a healthy diet by eating the right fruit and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats can bring about healthier visible skin.



Extreme fatigue, or just staying up a few hours past your normal bedtime can cause dark circles to form under your eyes. Turn the Tv off, Switch your mobile off at night and concentrate on having a good sleeping schedule.



(Eeeek I said it!) I am sooooooo sorry, but I have to put this one out there. As you grow older (and wiser!) your skin becomes thinner. You also lose the fat and collagen needed to maintain your skin’s elasticity. As this occurs, the dark blood vessels beneath your skin become more visible causing the area below your eyes to darken.


Allergies (Aaaa...choooo)

Ok so are you a hayfever sufferer? If you are you will know that the itching of the eyes can make your eyes become darker and dryer. The itching action can cause swelling, inflammation and broken blood vessels.



Family history also plays a part in developing dark circles under your eyes. It can be an inherited trait seen early in childhood, and may worsen as you age or slowly disappear. Everyone is different so it could go either way!




Our newest product on the shelf is the Eye oil is hydrating which helps sooth and smooth the appearance of dark circles and helps brighten and tighten the area.


This has no doubt been our best seller in the last couple of months!


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