Tips on how to cope with stress


The last year has been very difficult for us. Your overall wellness is massively affected by our mental health. Which is why it is very important to understand when we are stressed and how to manage it.

Here are some tips on how to manage stress levels

1. Be active

Being active releases positive chemicals in our brain which will make us feel so much better after a walk, run or some exercise in the gym.

2. Manage your time - Learn to say no

Time we are sometimes battling for more hours in the day. Why not prioritise the things that need to and say no to the activities that are mentally and physically draining you? Saying No is ok, putting yourself first is ok. Knowing when to put yourself is key to ensure you don't overload yourself where it affects your wellbeing.

3. Talk about it

Talking about a situation that is stressing you out can sometimes make you feel a whole lot better. You can either turn to family, friends or even helplines are available.

4. Take time out for you

This is SOOO key. In such a busy lifestyle its so important to remember what we enjoy, what activities makes us happy? Go see friends or relatives and have a coffee and a chat?

5. Make a list

Mrs Hinch does this, and has got super famous for her list of household chores! It really does help with beating anxiety and you tend to get more done with an actionable list!!!

6. Make sure you eat

But not too much! A healthy diet can help uplift your mood and make you feel good about yourself. Remember not to be too harsh on yourself too, remember to treat yourself and have a good balance!

7. Sleep

My favourite one. When you don't get enough sleep you automatically feel grumpy and on edge. Getting around 7-9 hours of sleep helps you feel fresh and ready for the next day. Turn your phones off at night, turn the series you are binge watching off too. Just relax and go to sleep!

Here are a few helpful website that can help with managing stress

I have also added in a FREE wellness planner, where you can download and use this to help you start putting yourself first again!

Just download below!

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