Skin benefits of vitamin A

We all go on about caring for the skin, we cleanse, tone moisturize apply suncreen and maybe try a few other treatments like masks or even skin peels. We try so hard to help our skin look its best, but we have to remember that there are a few nutrients that skin really needs-and thats Vitamin A!

Why do we need Vitamin A?
Its quite simple, see the below list as to what Vitamin A does for your body

  • It protects against UV and slows signs of ageing.
  • It encourages healthy skin cell production
  • It protects against infection.
  • It smooths wrinkles
  • It evens skin tone and gives you a glow
  • It clears up acne

All those great benefits! Did you know that Vitamin A is a group of compounds that include active forms of retinol. When using retinol on the skin most people go through break out before seeing any transformation.

Did you know that Broccoli seed oil is high in Vitamin A which is a healthier alternative to retinol. Meaning you get all the above benefits and you skip out the 'breaking out' phase!

Our night oil has been formulated with Broccoli seed oil, it is one of our favourite oils as it has so many benefits!! It's probably the reason we have such great feedback, our customers have noticed a difference in their skin straight away without breaking out!!
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