Self-Activating Clay Mask


I am excited to write up this blog. After 5 months of launching Solo Skin London, I am finally able to write about our second product!

Self-Activating Clay Mask!
I have been so excited to launch this product as I have been using it for the last 6 months and it really has made a difference to my skin. I suffered from large pores on my nose and my skin type is combination. So my oily T-zone area was always so greasy and by the end of the day i would wipe my nose with my finger and I could see the oil on my finger!

Since using this clay mask it really has helped with sebum production, it has reduced the oiliness, reduced the size of my pores.

The clay mask also deep cleansing the pores, which removes any dirty and bacteria which prevents any further breakouts.

I can not wait to see your transformations and reviews on this clay mask!
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