Omega Oils need to be in your routine

In this weeks post, I would like to mention as to why it is so important to have Omega Oils and why they NEED to be in your routine.


When suffering with sensitive skin of any kind (Eczema, dry skin, rosacea etc) understanding skincare can be so difficult because we are all just trying to figure it out!


One of the reasons why I created my little brand was because of how lonely and frustrating it felt! I tried every product you can imagine, low end and high end and NOTHING ever worked for me.


It took me a long time to understand my skin, thankfully after studying with a global skincare school I managed to save my own skin and now, I want to help you too.


The first thing I ever focused on was my skin barrier, I kept my skincare really simple and started to look at my ingredients. Being a formulator has it's benefits, and I want to make the most of it especially when it comes to helping you figure out your skin.


When I researched into ingredients I understood that Omega oils were my go to for sensitive skin.


What are omega oils?

I never really understood it prior to my Diploma, but Omega oils are valuable fatty acids that your skin needs as well as being part of a healthy diet!

Adding a product that is high in Omega oils, like the oil to milk cleanser, can really make all the difference in your skins appearance. You will be able to see a visibly improved skin texture.


So lets get into it the nitty gritty of omega oils. There are a handful of omega fatty acids (11 to be precise) however we consider omega 6 and omega 3 important as the body can not make them on its own. So using supplements is a good way to get these into our skincare routine or diet that is rich in these fatty acids.


Omega fatty acids are amazing ingredients for the skin. They act as building blocks for your skin, creating a smoother, more even, youthful and healthier complexion.


Here are 4 reasons how Omega fatty acids can benefit the skin:

- Calms signs of irritation

- Hydrates the skin instantly

- Deliver antioxidants to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles

- Help maintain a healthy skin barrier


When combined with other products, you to can reap the benefits of these skin loving ingredients. This Oil to milk cleanser is formulated with blends of High omega oils.


Some of my favourite oils are Broccoli seed oil, this ingredient whether you eat it or apply this oil in your skincare regime you will notice at how well this Ingredient works to help tackle skin frustrations such as dry skin and inflammation.


Products that contain Broccoli seed oil:

Start off with sample sizes and see how it transforms your skin!


10 ml Sample size

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