Lock down and Time to lock in the moisture

I hope you are all well.

I thought I would use this time to connect with you all in such a crisis. The virus has hit all over the world so quickly and most countries have closed their borders and ordered their people for 'social distancing'.

Many of us are working from home and following UK's government rules of staying at home. I have been working from home for the last two weeks and it has not been easy.

What I found difficult was that my normal routine was out the window and i had to adjust to a full time job whilst having a 5 and 6 year old around me whilst also trying to home school them. It did not suit me very well. I forever had mum guilt thinking how can I juggle two children's learning whilst working full time and then try to ensure the house was all in order and then run a business?

I will not lie, I struggled. Until I decided to take full control. I knew that mornings were the best times for me to concentrate on my full time job it was just figuring out how to manage the rest of the work load. I found the below helpful

- Cooking in the evening for the following day the night before. I tend to cook and clean in the evening now as I then do not have to worry about lunch or dinner.

- Clean and wash your laundry in the evenings - i only recently found out that if you use the washing machine in the evening it's cheaper!

- Have school packs ready, before this virus was around I had brought study books for the kids. I am so grateful that I have these, they have been keeping the kids entertained.

- Make a to do list.

- Don't feel bad if you can't home school, I feel as though there is a big pressure on parents to try to home school for the next couple of months. I do an 1-2 hours a day and I feel that is suffice.

- If you can't get your child to sit down and study whilst you are working during the week then use the weekend to sit with them and study.

Before I even had a routine in place I felt I was not in control of the situation and I was stressed out and the stress made me break out on my face!

So I needed to up my game on my skincare routine! As I was working from home I was not wearing make up as much and decided to use my isolation time to allow my skin to breath and give my skin a good pore cleansing routine.

My skin has suffered in the recent months from being dry due to the cold weather, I would use the Fragrance Free range of the Night Oil. The oil is recommended to be used at night so the skin can soak in all those good nourishing ingredients.


Now I have started to use this in my AM and PM routine. I absolutely love the way the oil makes my skin glow making it feel hydrated and smooth. I broke out with spots on my nose and forehead, this was due to stress. I used my oil in the day also and I noticed that my spots had reduced in redness and within 2 days my spots had disappeared! Now I understand why my customers who suffer acne breakouts love the Night oil!

How have you worked around Coronavirus? Leave a comment below and tell me how you've adjusted to the recent recommendations!

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I hope you all keep safe and please do look after yourselves!

That's enough from me...I could write for hours!

Lots of love to everyone

Naz x

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