International Women's Day

Not my normal usual blog this week. Today we mark International women's day. A day to progress towards gender equality at work.

I wanted to talk more on this because I feel there are many who will most likely feel a the way I did.

I never noticed before about how unequal work places were until I actually came across International Women's Day and hearing other people's stories made me realise, actually to a certain degree I have experienced somewhat similar. Have you ever been in a meeting full of men and when everyone gets those actions but you get an action to 'order tea'. That was me, deflated, felt unworthy and felt like I was not capable. If this happened to me today, I would call it out. How can we beat the inequality? To be able to confidently identify the situation, do you often see only men in certain industries? Call it out, challenge it, raise YOUR hand. If we stay quiet it is never going to be resolved.

My previous role was very much male dominated and I was just expected to do what I was told and work like I had no children and had to fight for flexible working. I was done in that role, I knew I was unhappy and I left.

I can finally say being a CEO of my own company has given me confidence in helping other women AND men, with their goals WITHOUT compromising their families. Its not easy to raise a family, its the hardest thing, but the most rewarding thing I have ever done. My family is always going to be my number one priority.

I have always felt before that women were expected to work like they have no children but then to raise children like they have no job. A battle within its own!

International Women's day is a day for celebrating for me too. To see so many strong women coming out their comfort zones and making that change for the rest of us.

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