I take medication for acne, will it help with redness?

Let's talk medication that is used to treat acne. I have spoken with many customers who have tried every option possible before getting themselves onto prescribed medication.


The constant feeling of having to look in the mirror and just feeling low, feeling like you need to cover your skin with make up. Feeling embarassed to go out and see your friends when you have a flare? the list goes on, it really does take a lot out of people. I feel you. Although I have never suffered with bad acne I can relate via my own skincare frustrations.


So what is to roaccutane and isotretninoin? It is medication to help treatment. However, it's side affects can be harsh on the skin. Lets look at some of the side affects

- Your skin can become more sensitive to light

- You can get dry eyes

- Dry throat

- Dry nose

- Skin redness

- Aches and pains in the body


The list can go on for a while to be honest but they are just the ones I wanted to point out.


So, one of the questions I get asked, can I used your products whilst on medication?


Answer: In short, yes. The ingredients used are super gentle and are all organic and natural ingredients. No actives are being used which will sensitise your skin further.


Dryness is a common side affect many patients complain about, and finding the right product to help lock in moisture is tricky.


When I was formulating the fragrance free night face oil, I specifically kept in mind those who suffer with acne due to the dryness and redness. If you take a look at our Instagram highlights, you will be able to see more transformation of those who suffer with acne and using my products.


This is a customer** who suffered with acne, you can see redness, pus filled, bumpy skin. She purchased the fragrance free night face oil and sent me this transformation after using the product after 3 weeks.

I don't believe in having a 50 step skin care routine, having a gentle yet effective skincare routine can help as long as you have the right ingredients in place!


**All photos are 100% genuine and customers permission to post.


If you need some extra hydration then fragrance free night face oil is for you, click here.

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