How to stay positive

Hi All!

It has been a while since posting a blog, so I thought I would make an appearance on here.

This year has most definitely been a challenge for everyone. I first launched my business at the end of Jan, which Coronavirus was around but we was not in lock down. It took me a couple of months to establish myself & to see a sale come through. My first customer was someone I don’t even know which was so rewarding for me.

When lock down hit, businesses started to close, what did that mean for me? I felt all sorts i already felt like a failure before I even started.

‘I have only just started my business, I am not going to be able to survive’

These were the thoughts that were running through my mind at that time. Bare in mind that I have NO experience in how to run a business, and had no idea how to deal with Corona.

I had two options here. I either sit there and moan about it and blame Coronavirus for my failure OR I get up and do something about it. Of course, I went with the second choice, I had to do something. I started learning more about business, I was constantly asking for feedback and made sure I was mentally ready for constructive criticism.

How did I get myself out of thinking negative and become positive and a productive CEO? Here are some tips for anyone who constantly finds themselves thinking negative or always finding themselves becoming defensive.
  1. Separate fact from fiction - Don't overwhelm yourself with 'should of, could of, would of'
  2. Identify a positive in the situation - What have you learnt in this situation?
  3. Be grateful - this isn't rocket science. There will always be someone in a much worse situation than you. Always be grateful.
  4. Don't make a mountain of a molehill - This again is not rocket science. A lot of the time things can be easily resolved all it takes is one person to be able to communicate.
  5. Learn how to take criticism in a healthy way. You can only grow if you can improve on services, blogging, products etc. See it as an opportunity.
  6. Don't allow your emotions to talk. Step back, breath and then deal with a situation. Emotions can get you into trouble!
  7. Take a break, know when your body and mind needs a break. This is so important, to be able to switch off.
  8. Remove yourself from negative people. It's true what they are your company.
I had these few bullet points in place and it did my mind, my business wonders.

My main point of this blog is that even though sometimes you think you are sinking, always be positive, you will always learn from falls, you brush yourself off and then carry on again but much stronger then next time. Focus on your end goal and remember that NOTHING is impossible. I am so excited for the following weeks as I have some exciting news to share!! I would not of been able to get this far without a positive mindset!

Anyways, nice to make an appearance on here. I will hopefully speak to you soon!
Naz x

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