How to prevent saggy neck wrinkles

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Today's topic is something that is not talked about much, and I wanted to share my tips and thoughts on this subject as I was approached by Irish Mirror recently to talk about this.

Let's fast forward our lives 30 years from now. I will be 60 and if you are any good at maths then you'll know that this means I am currently 30. ;-)

So you had the most perfect AM routine and PM routine when you were younger, you had been wearing SPF on your face, your face looked plump, hydrated and the way you want it to be.

You forgot all about your neck all them years, you had been concentrating on your face and as a result you have a plump face and saggy neck.

Back to reality...This is what we want to try to avoid.

Our neck is a lot thinner and often shows signs of ageing sooner than other parts of our body. We can be very good at look after our faces, but often our necks are very much neglected. Our necks are often more exposed to pollution, sun damage, smoking, bad diet, dehydration and even bad sleeping habits.

Here are some quick tips:

1. Remember when you wash your face, wash your neck too.

2. Always exfoliate your neck too as this can help circulate blood around this area helping your skin look fresh whilst removing dead skin cells.

3.You don't need separate products for your neck

4. Apply products that boost collagen production

5. Always massage your neck rubbing either upwards or in circular motions

6. Apply SPF on your neck to reduce sun damage

7. Use Oils, and I will go on to why below.

Why oils and not creams? Ok, so do me a favour whilst reading this blog I want you to reach out to any cream you have and check the first ingredient on the Ingredients/INCI list. Now, by law the ingredient that has the highest amount will always be first on the list. If the cream that you reached out for has the ingredient is 'Aqua', its not rocket science. Majority of the formulation is water. Now lets be honest, you end up paying for products that are mainly made out of water. What's the point?

Oils on the other hand, are made from 100% ingredients. No water, you will notice that these ingredients will actually be REAL ingredients which will give you maximum benefits for the skin. Which give you MAXIMUM results.

In our Night Face oil, we use rice bran oil, this oil is well known for its anti ageing properties. If you look back in history, women in Asia used to bath in the left over rice water to soften and smooth their skin. It is high in vitamins B and E combined with a high percentage of fatty acids which deeply penetrate down into all layers of the skin, beautifully and gently moisturising, firming, tighten and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rice bran is exceptionally good for treating dehydrated, flaky, delicate and mature, fragile skin. It is also a great ingredient that helps stimulate your body to produce collagen, the main structural protein found in skin and connective tissues which helps your skin remain firm.

Our ethos is to be as transparent as possible, to show you how Solo Skin London can help you look after your skin again and of course help with allowing you to see why certain ingredients are used. This is just ONE ingredient of many luxurious ingredients. Would you like to know more about our ingredients? Comment below and let me know!

I do hope you enjoyed Solo Skin London's skin care tips and a bite size history lesson to for you too! If you found this blog interesting or think someone could benefit from this, please do share with them!

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Until then take care and keep safe until next week!

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