How can I stop Acne?

You've thought about this question about 1000 times already. You have gone around in circles, trying to eliminate foods, products, smells and even people! (Just kidding!)

The right skincare routine is an important part to play when suffering with acne. Acne can be from white heads to black heads to pimples.

Squeezing or popping pimples / spots can cause damage to your skin. in short, just don't do it! It can actually push the debris into your fair follicles further causing more irritation to your skin.

Stop Over Cleansing. Clean your face, clean your face, clean your face. You see a lot of people judging asking if you actually wash your face. Annoying right? When you suffer with acne, it is important to keep your skin clean however do not cleanse more than twice a day. Once in the morning and then in the evening. Use an alcohol free cleanser and something that is gentle.

Biggest skincare sin is using cleansing wipes, these are not affective and can cause more irritation.

Stop harsh exfoliating. A sign an exfoliation is not suitable for you is having inflammation after exfoliating and stinging your skin. It is very important not to use harsh exfoliating scrub particles. This can tear the top of pimples causing them to bleed, cause irritation and even further breakouts.

Instead, replace your harsh exfoliator with a clay mask is self activating and is gentle.

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Help your skin barrier by applying oils to lock in moisture.

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