Home DIY's or Solo Skin London Self-Activated Green Clay Mask?

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A little different from our normal blogs, this time we have got Neelofar who is our Brand Ambassador, Neefolar loved Solo Skin London so much she applied for a brand ambassadors role. Read more to find out what she thought about our products!

What was your skincare journey before Solo Skin London?

· I have a combination skin and as the day passes and my T-zones get really shiny and my pores widen a little, as a result I used to breakout around my nose area. And I also feel my pores open and clog as I workout and making my skin feel heavy and clogged.

What products do you use?

· Green Clay Mask for Combination skin

How do you feel when using Solo Skin London's products?

· I literally felt refreshed and my skin felt lighter, a very big relief in my head and body.

Have you seen any benefits to the skin?

· I did feel instant freshness

· There is a visible shrinkage on the pores when used

· My skin felt more alive, fresh, unclogged and breathable (could feel the air on my face).

Would you recommend this?

· Absolute Yes!! I used to make my own pack using Aami haldi (Tumeric) some call it Uptan. But sometimes using too much anti-inflammatory products are not good on the skin either, as it results in skin damage and killing of good bacteria and also removes moist and oils. I really felt Solo Skin London was a good replacement for my home made DIY mask!

You can follow Neelofar's journey on Instagram (@productreviewsbyns), where she showcases and reviews our products!

Thank you so much Neelofar for sharing your thoughts and experience on using Solo Skin London's Green Clay Mask! It is always so nice to hear how people LOVE our products!

Have you been in using Solo Skin London's products? Do you enjoy it? Get in touch and get featured on our blog page!

Stay Safe ya'll!

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