Having a self care routine

It’s common for women to feel that they don’t take care of themselves very well while taking care of busy mom duties. With plenty of things to worry about before their own needs, from children, their spouses, their job, the household, and the list is endless!

To begin with it is not a luxury to take care of YOU! To be super mom, the best spouse, the best sister, the best buddy or just the best woman, you need to nurture yourself first and then go run errands. If you are exhausted, or wearing yourself off you can’t fully be there for your loved ones.

Self-care is vital for flawless skin. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money or take plenty of time to take care of yourself or to have healthy, radiant skin.

Minimal skin care should be your goal. When your skin looks good, you feel confident and that makes a world of a difference to your happiness quotient.

Take a few minutes out!

When you devote time for yourself, you lessen your stress levels, you can breathe better, control your heart and blood pressure. Besides, reduced stress equals to happier skin.

Good skin can also be achieved by living a healthy lifestyle, eating a healthy diet, drinking gallons of water, exercising, and quality sleep crucial for your skin.


Night Regime

The facial skin requires oil to maintain a healthy balance, otherwise, it can get overtly dehydrated which can cause fine lines, or wrinkles. A night time facial oil helps retain moisture in all skin types, while protecting it from the environmental damage. The best time to moisturise is at night when your face is bare, opt for face oils with Squalane which is super moisturising, besides meadowfoam and broccoli seed oil helps lock in moisture and acts as a barrier stopping the breeze drying you out. To sum up, cleanse your skin, gently exfoliate to remove any dead skin cells and then add a few drops of Night oil to your skin and rub all over the face and the neck! No matter how busy you are, don’t forget to look after your skin and indulge in a relaxing massage with your favourite beauty oil before you retire to bed.

Let Go & Pamper yourself

  1. - Pen down a gratitude list

  2. - Indulge in a long shower

  3. - Speak to your BFF

  4. - Snuggle under a warm blanket for a few extra minutes

  5. - Do some deep breathing or take a yoga session

  6. - Put on mood uplifting music

  7. - Light a soothing candle to change your mood

  8. - Write a letter to your loved ones or send a miss you card to people you care

  9. - Have a cuppa herbal tea or infused water

  10. - Put on a luxurious mask or treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage

  11. - Good day and night skincare regime

Don’t wait for the special day or a family wedding to pamper yourself, do it regularly because you deserve it!

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