Dry, itchy skin around your eyes?

Have you got dry itchy eyes? With summer here, we tend to be spending more time outside, beach days, picnics, parks, amusement parks. The sun can instantly make us feel some what better!


If you or have anyone that suffers with hay fever you will notice them staying indoors more - which is a total shame because that means they are most likely missing out on all the fun!


Allergies such the pollen in the air can often make the skin around the eyes sore and dry. The eyes are much more delicate area compared to the rest of the skin, so it's important you have the right products in your bag for your summer care routine.


The Eye oil is packed with many benefits and during hay fever season having a handy small bottle in your bag can be beneficial.


The Benefits:

 The benefits of Eye oil

1. Creates a barrier and protects the skin from dust and pollen


2. The eye oil is packed up with omega 3 oils which help keep the skin moisturised. Frequent application, will help keep the skin from becoming dry.


3. The skin is like building blocks, it helps protect the skin barrier along with the eye oils, nourishing and protective oil such as blueberry seed oil, kiwi seed oil, these all help build a protective layer of the skin.

3 Hacks to stop hay fever

  1. Wear sunglasses - indoors and outdoors. This protects your eyes from the pollen.

  2. Apply the eye oil around the eyes to create a protective layer

  3. Applying a small amount of the fragrance free night face oil around the nose area to

Adding these little beauties into your bag can help fight the signs of the seasonal allergies.

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