Causes of Sensitive Skin

What causes sensitive skin? It can take a life time to figure out what works with our skin and what doesn't. In fact, it can be mentally draining, a lot of people feel frustrated as they see all these trends and they would love to try them out but their skin is a big issue to adapt to these products.

Here are some of the causes for sensitive skin, be mindful that there are many other irritants that really irritate our skin.

1. Fragrances

Did you know that fragrances can irritate the skin? Essential oils have sensitizers and allergies in them, sometimes we don't realise it but actually, that nice smelly skincare product...put it down. Opt for a fragrance free range continuous use of these essential oils can sensitize your skin and therefore compromising a health skin skin barrier which can lead to further break outs!

2. Food

Is the most obvious cause, for example one of the ways of our skin reacting to food is via hives and rashes. Did you also know that handling certain foods can irritate your skin? For example, handling lemons when you have eczema which is cracked...ohhh the pain!

3. Heat

Now a lot of you are probably thinking really?! Heat? Normally you hear the cold weather affecting you skin. So yes, heat can irritate your skin. Heat can make your skin dry making it feel itchy and can lead to redness too. Heat can also cause heat rashes!

4. Household cleaners

Now we all know we all love Mrs Hinch, but it is so important to wear gloves whilst using house hold cleaning items, it can dry your skin out, irritate it and can even burn!! Use your gloves!

5. Skincare

Ever tried skincare products that make your skin sting or cause a reaction? Certain ingredients can sting your skin for example paraben preservatives, and alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic acid, malic acid, and lactic acid all can cause a reaction to sensitive skin.

What are your triggers? Let me know below!

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