7 Benefits Of Using Night Oils


I thought I would use Friday to connect with you all! Here in UK has been confirmed we have another 3 weeks on lock down. How do you all feel about this? I always remind myself of things that I am grateful for during this time these recently have been that I am able to cook a healthy meal for my children, I am able to go to the gym more often and I am most days on top of the laundry! Ha!

In total it will mean we will be in lock down for 6 weeks, which is great because that means you still have time to transform your skin. It takes an average of 28 days for new skin cells to to reach the top layers of the skin.

So its important to allow at least 28 days before seeing any result with any product you use. I wanted to give you more information as to why you should start thinking of the benefits of oils on your face. If you think putting oils on your face can bring out bad breakouts and cause acne, think again!

1. They can reduce wrinkles

If you have been unprotected from UV light (which by the way sets you up for free radical damage). Some oils are packed with antioxidants, which prevent further ageing. If your skin tends to be on the shiny side and your nervous about trying oils always check ingredients list and check which oils are being used. After washing your face at night, dabbing a tiny amount of our Night oil to the forehead, each cheek, nose, chin can be beneficial.

2. They're good for dry skin

Changes inn temperatures, air conditioning, cranked-up heaters can suck the moisture straight from the skin. Oils are ideal antidote to dry, flaky skin and those rough rosy cheeks making it the better options than those over the counter moisturisers.

3. They really do protect your skin

Because Lipophilic, they penetrate deep into the skin, trapping water and other moisturising nutrients whilst keep all those nasty's out! I work in a polluted area, so face oils work perfect as a barrier to protect our skin from pollution.

4. They're the perfect primer

Yes! I never used to wear primer before and never really thought much about using it in my skincare routine until I launched my own skincare range. The oils are fast absorbing, giving immediate plumping effect and create the perfect canvas for your make up to sit on. I have tried this, and my make up does not move, I definitely get compliments on how my make up has the dewy!

5. They can shrink enlarged pores.

Higher end oils such as Olive Squalane, help re balance your sebum production which will help minimise the appearance of your pores.

6. They can calm down rashes

Many oils have anti-inflammatory properties as well, helping to quell irritated skin. Squalane has great anti inflammatory properties as well as cucumber seed oil, we all know cucumbers have been almost the go to spa product to help reduce puffy eyes etc.

7. They are great for banishing zits/hormonal acne.

Believe it or not, but all these ingredients put together work pretty darn good as a zit zapper. Many people assume that oils will clog pores and make them break out more. Our oils that we have used are non comedogenic (which in easy terms means it will not clog pores which lead to break outs). So far, our oils have had 100% positive feedback and customers have confirmed they do not break out.

There of course many other benefits, but the list could go on forever! Some customers have been prescribed Roaccutane medication to help with break outs but as a side affect it has caused dry skin these oils have really help tackle their dry skin. Our oils are fast absorbing, so it will not leave you with a greasy feel!

Our oils are all handmade and formulated in house, we only use natural and organic ingredients and only use ingredients that we know you will benefit from!

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