4 reasons why stress cause pimples?


Anybody who suffers with acne prone skin will know how stressful it can be. The skin is the largest organ of the body and its purpose is to protect the insides. So the answer is, YES! it can cause further break outs. But why? Why does stress impact our lives so much that our body reacts in different ways?

How does stress impact our skin?
Lets look at what stress is first. Stress is caused by an external factor which can be from anything like work, family, financial, illnesses etc that can disrupt our normal everyday lives.

Stress can disrupt

- Eating habits - we can end up reaching for the quickest, unhealthiest foods. Comforting our emotional needs through food!
- Sleeping patterns - have you ever been so stressed that you end up staring at the ceiling at 2am?
- Mood - If you are feeling low, chances are your skin is going to show how you feel!
- Give problems with digestive system - If you do not have a healthy diet, chances are going to show up on your skin, certain foods can actually cause acne, live a healthy life style.

It is not long before you can notice the affects on the skin. You will see pimples, redness and blackheads.

When you are stressed, you can form hormones that affect your skin, small proteins then trigger inflammation which influence the behaviour of the sebaceous glands and can aggravate acne.

Why not read our blog on how to cope with stress and download our wellness planner to help you feel great about yourselves again.

P.S - there are of course other factors as to breakouts, these are a handful and every individual is different.

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