4 Foods that can affect your skin

Let's talk about food! My favourite subject but also my worst enemy!

Why? Because I love all things like pasta, bread, white rice and sugars. My biggest weakness is sugar, and I am guessing you are also. I mean an average Brit consumes a wooping 8.4KG of chocolate a year. I mean...that is a lot!

These foods are known to raise blood sugars more quickly than others.

When your blood sugar rises more quickly because of these foods, the body releases a hormone called insulin. Having more insulin in your body than you need can cause you to produce more oil, which means that the risk of acne is more.

Having the right skincare to help rebalance the oil production is important to get the oil under control.

Check out our green clay mask which is fast absorbing and suitable for oily skin. It helps with deep cleanses and helps rebalance oil production.

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