3 tips on trying new products


Having sensitive skin can be really frustrating because you want to try that new product but are afraid at the same time to test it out just encase you break out causing a mental breakdown. We've pretty much been there. Your skin ends up inflamed, red, hot, sore and then finishes it off with a pimple bang in the middle where everyone can see.

No make up will hide it either so you notice people staring. Argh...the frustration!

Ok so, here are 3 big tips on how to test out new products if you have sensitive skin, this has worked with me before so I am hoping some of you can take something valuable from this blog!

  1. When trying new products ALWAYS introduce ONE product at a time. Don't complicate things and add a whole new line of skincare products for your routine. Stick to just ONE.

  2. Do a patch test before lathering all over your face. You can apply a small pea amount of product onto your skin either behind the ear, inside your elbow, your leg. Anywhere that isn't basically visible!

  3. Choose products that are low risk - meaning if you know that a certain ingredient will affect your skin, then just stay away from that product.

Do you have any other tips?

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