1 Amazing ingredient to help scarring

Being on social media there is a lot of attention as to how to get the 'Glass skin' kind of look.

Japanese beauty has been around for centuries and it is about time we start becoming more diverse when looking at other cultures and their beauty secrets!

Lets look at our best selling product.


The oil has won an award, has seen magnificent transformations (You can see these transformations on Instagram highlights) and loads of people have left 5 star reviews. But WHY?!

This product is one of THE BEST oils you will find in Europe! I kid you not! It has won an award in 2020, 6 months after launching the brand. It was recognised for calming irritated skin, redness, no further break outs and being a really light weight oil that gave a radiant glow the next morning.

So let's look into how this oil will help and an ingredient spot light as to WHY this will help your scarring fade away.

Today's Ingredient spot light is


Rice bran oil has been used for centuries, in the Asian culture, the women would wash the rice and store the rice water on the side and bathe in this water. The water would make their skin soft, wrinkle free and smooth.

The oil is easily penetrated into the deeper layers of the skin, ensuring each layer gets the luxury nutrients from this oil. This oil also helps with brightening, has anti-inflammatory benefits and does not aggravate acne prone skin.

Its high Omega 3 properties helps with the skin looking, plump, blemish free, hydrated and smooth whilst giving you an amazing glow the next morning!

After popping a few spots myself (Yes I am guilty!!) I suffered with post inflammatory scarring, this was dark marks on my skin where I popped my spot. Consistently using the Fragrance Free night face oil and the green clay mask has help my skin (I have combination skin) reduce the scarring. I will show you below.

This photo was taken in September 2020, I picked my spot, I know I should not have picked it, but I did. it was painful, and in fact, it become even more angrier than what it was. So it bled, was filled with pus and it left scarring on my skin. I have circled where on my face where the scarring is.





This photo was taken in December 2020, two months on. Nothing happens over night. Now I can tell you that the only make up I am wearing here is mascara, lipstick and blusher. I have no foundation or concealer on (You can tell by my dark circles!) but you can notice how the scarring under my lip has reduced significantly.

I consistently used the Fragrance Free night face oil EVERY SINGLE NIGHT and used the green clay mask at least once a week. This has honestly been my go to products to help me tackle sensitive skin and problematic skin. Scarring is no joke, especially when you want to start feeling confident in your skin again. Scarring can make us feel like we NEED to wear make up to cover the pigmentation etc, but DON'T! Instead, embrace it and up your skincare game. Using Solo Skin London products is one the brands that just wants you to be yourself again!


You can purchase the fragrance free night face oil here.

You can also purchase sample sizes which lasts up to a month, giving your skin enough time to test the product out before fully committing to bigger bottles!

Until next time...see you all soon!

Naz x

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