6 Signs you have Sensitive Skin

Do we REALLY know if we have sensitive skin? We often hear people say they have sensitive skin and we can physically see their sensitivity. Can sensitive skin be invisible too? Yes! For example, stinging of the skin when using a product can mean you have sensitive skin, breaking out after a new product can mean we have sensitive skin. Having the odd break out is not classed as sensitive skin, but for those who are persistently having problems after using products is classed as sensitive skin.

1. Your skin becomes reactive.

If you have sensitive skin you probably notice that certain soaps, detergents, fragrances and skincare products may cause your skin to react. This can react in different ways like itching of the skin, dryness or you can even notice some redness.

2. You notice redness

Most people with sensitive skin deal with some amount of redness. Usually this can be in forms of rashes, red bumps and even dilated blood vessels.

3. Your skin is dry

You would never think dry skin falls under the category of sensitive skin. Infact, it does. It can lead to acne breakouts and cracked/chapped skin which can be sore and painful especially in winter months!

4. You develop rashes

Sensitive skin may react in different ways. Experiencing a rash after using a certain product is your bodies way of fighting off the reaction.

5. You break out

If you have sensitive skin breaking out can be another symptom. These can look like acne break outs with redness.

6. Sunburn easily

Your skin is already sensitive and is prone to dry skin and redness. Sun exposure can irritate this further. Ensure you wear sun protection.

Check out our upcoming blogs for more information as to the causes of sensitive skin.

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