5 tips of how to look after your skin barrier

You will probably hear a lot of lotions and potions and dermatologist nag about having a healthy skin barrier. In this blog you will be able to get top tips on how to look after your skin barrier.

Let’s talk about what a ‘Skin barrier’ is. Put it this way, it’s a protective seal that keeps your skin looking plump, hydrated and soft whilst protecting your skin from the outside world.

What happens if the skin barrier is compromised? If the skin barrier is damaged then you are more prone to dull skin, dry, and tend to react to products or even external factors. Not having a healthy skin barrier means it takes time for your skin to heal.

Some of the signs of a compromised skin barrier:

  • Tightness

  • Redness

  • Itching

  • Breaking out

  • Feeling rough


Recovering from a damaged skin barrier

Recovery comes with patience and dedication. There is no overnight success, you have to be consistent.

Ok so you are asking yourself how do we protect the skin barrier? M biggest tip is, HYDRATION. even if you have oily or comb skin, its essential to keep hydrated.

Instead of using facial scrubs, opt for a natural clay such as green clay or pink clay mask. They are much more gentle and do not leave you with micro tears or compromise on your skin barrier.

Below are a few tips that I have put together on how you should be looking after your skin barrier.

  1. Always use lukewarm water, never use hot water as this can irritate and dry your skin out.

  2. Use mild cleansers. If your skin feels robbed from moisture then know that the cleanser may not be suited to your skin type. Opt for an oil cleanser.

  3. Do not use harsh exfoliating scrubs. These can cause micro tears in your skin which compromises the skin barrier, leaving your skin more prone to breakouts and reactions.

  4. Use Fragrance free options, such as our Award Winning Fragrance Free night face oil . As you may already know, essential oils can actually sensitize your skin.

  5. Use minimal active ingredients - YES I. Said it! if you do not know what you are doing with active ingredients you can potentially be making your skin worse! Actives are great, however only if used in small doses and using them correctly.



If you have a compromised skin barrier, why not try our award winning Night Face Oil, it's super hydrating and is rich in Omega 3 oils that promotes a healthy skin barrier. This can be incorporated into your night routine using it as the last step into your routine.


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