A story of freshness


Hey dolls!! I am Naz and I am so excited you are here!


I have a Diploma in Organic Skincare and a Certificate in Natural Preservation with an award winning and accredited online school for skincare. I have been formulating for 5 years which has given me the experience and knowledge in creating THE best natural products EVER!


With my leading expertise in formulation I have also managed to scoop up an European Free From Skincare Awards for the product; Fragrance Free Night Face Oil. It has been recognised to help with sensitive/problematic skin and allergies.


I am the author of Solo Skin London's Blog series, where I share hints, tips and just business insiders. I was also interviewed by 'If only they knew'; a platform for young business minds, who also interview high profile entrepreneurs such as Alan Sugar and fitness junkie Joe Wicks.


In 2020, I was widely covered in the press on a regular basis, show casing products and blogs. I have been interviewed by CEO of Formula Botanica and shared experiences as to how I set up my business too empowering others to start up their own businesses. I was also invited to be part of the popular TV series, 'The Apprentice'.


I am also a massive mental health advocate. I do really believe sometimes we get so sucked up in life, we often forget what we are feeling. I use my platforms to voice certain stigma's.



Firstly, I was never ever confident, I never left the house without make up. I always felt I had to look a certain way to be socially 'accepted'. I also suffer with sensitive skin and psoriasis. I couldn’t go pick anything of the super market shelves, it was so frustrating and difficult to find something to suit my skin as I reacted to most products. I tried literally everything and nothing suited me. So I wasted A LOT of money, time and emotions trying to search for the right products for my sensitive skin.


Until…I created my own skincare line. Using my own products have helped me become more confident in myself. I have formulated my products to help manage my symptoms of sensitive skin and psoriasis where 3 out of 6 psoriasis patches have now disappeared! (The photo on the left is my own transformation)


Consistency and patience is always key to ANY routine, I totally understand how you feel and you are not alone!

A little about me and why I created my brand



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